14 years of experience

Established in 2010, PCBMan brings extensive experience in PCB solutions, ensuring reliability and expertise in every project.

Prototyping & Production

Experience rapid turnaround times and flexible production options tailored to your specificneeds.

Cross-Industry Excellence

With over 1000 satisfied clients across diverse sectors, PCBMan continues to drive innovation and success in various industrial fields.

Competitive Cost Advantage

Cost-effective PCB solutions with PCBMan, providing competitive pricing with high quality delivery.

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Comprehensive Services
PCBMan offers a full suite of PCB solutions, from prototyping to production, all under one roof.
Expertise and Experience
With over a decade of industry experience, our seasoned team ensures top-notch quality and efficiency.
Cutting-edge Technology
We leverage the latest advancements in PCB manufacturing to deliver superior results.
Customization and Flexibility
Our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, providing flexible options for volume, design, and assembly.
PCBMan's streamlined processes and efficient workflows translate to competitive pricing without compromising quality.

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